Friday, June 19, 2009

Why you should care about job fairs...

Job Hunter A: Today, I submitted my resume for 4 job openings I found on Monster.com. I didn't hear back from any of them. I also followed up with my uncle's friend, Tom, who said there might be an opening at his company in the next 3 months (they've been on a hiring freeze lately). If I can muster-up the energy, I may get suited-up and drive into town to drop off a resume or two.

Job Hunter B: Today, I met face-to-face with 30+ hiring personnel in the Healthcare, Insurance, and Information Technology industries. I was able to deliver a compelling value proposition to each person I met, as well as hand-off my personal branding portfolio, containing my resume, work samples, achievement addendum, letters of recommendation, and awards I've won. I also collected business cards from each person I came into contact with. I plan on adding them to my growing database of hiring contacts, and following-up with personalized emails to each. I was even able to set up 1 interview on the spot! Additionally, there were 3 other interactions I felt really good about, which could lead to interviews and eventual employment.

Which job hunter would you rather be?

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