Thursday, June 18, 2009

When did we move to Seattle?

In lieu of the recent rainy weather in New York City, I decided to write a blog post in honor of a friend of mine in Corporate Sales (B2B). This friend LOVES to go out and solicit new business when it is pouring outside. Why? He has a competitive advantage. Here's his rationale:

1) When it rains, a person's natural inclination is to stay inside and keep dry. "Today is a good day to take care of administrative paperwork." Have you heard this before? In all likelihood, his competitors are following suit.

2) His clients are more likely to be accessible for a meeting, as they are less likely to be taking long lunches, leaving early, sitting outside with coffee and co-workers, etc.

3) Most importantly, when visiting clients on rainy days he regularly hears, "I can't believe you came out on a day like this!" Talk about exemplifying persistence.

So, what does that mean for YOU? Use inclement weather to your advantage in your job search. While other job hunters are keeping dry indoors and pecking away at their computer keyboards, get out there a solicit for a new job. Chances are good you'll get time in front of a hiring manager. If you encounter issues getting in to see your hiring contact, and you need to get past a "gatekeeper", you could always use the following line: "I came all the way out here in the pouring rain to see Mr. Jackson. I'm soaking wet. Can I please meet with him for 5 minutes?" Regardless, at the end of it all, you'll be remembered as persistent. Furthermore, in your follow-ups, you can say, "I was the guy/gal who came out in the pouring rain to see you last week." Play it up. Another little trick-of-the-trade.

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