Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Guerrilla Job Hunt Plan...

Would you start your own business without a business plan? If you answered "yes", consider this statistic: 80% of small businesses without a business plan will fail in their first 5 years. Now, I'll ask again, would you start your own business without a business plan?

Case in point, planning is essential. It amazes me, how lackadaisical people are with their job search.
"I'll send out a resume today, maybe two tomorrow. I've seen some good job listings on Monster."
That's it?? If this sounds familiar, it's time for you to make some serious changes in your so-called "strategy". It's time to get militant and create your guerrilla job hunt plan. Keep in mind, the more aggressive you are with your plan, the better the probability you'll have interviews set up in the coming days/weeks. What goes in a guerrilla job hunt plan?

1) A weekly resume distribution quota. Say, 5 *tailored* resumes every day, Mon-Fri. That would be 25 resumes per week, and 100 resumes per month.

2) Make a spreadsheet of 10-15 companies you'd be happy working for in your industry. Create columns in the spreadsheet for Company Name, Company Address, Contact(s), Telephone Numbers, and Emails. Then, go knocking on doors with your personal brand kit.

3) Make a list of upcoming career fairs in your area this month. Then, attend.

4) Update your Facebook and/or LinkedIn profile to make it clear to your network that you're on the market, and what you're looking for in a job. Be particular.

5) Attend 2 networking events this month.

...and so on, and so forth. Remember to track your progress as you execute your plan. Seeing your progress on paper compels you to continue on your path to gainful employment, and rise above the doom and gloom that the mass media outlets portray.

Have you created and executed your guerilla job hunt plan?

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