Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Where have all the jobs gone?

In an article written by Ayesha Khanna (Forbes.com), Ayesha professes that "networking or resume buffing...tweeting on Twitter or taking a tutorial on how to connect with people...will only get you so far." I must agree. It may seem like a futile effort if you're using all of the aforementioned tools, to no avail. Please keep in mind, that the economy is ever-changing. Some jobs that are lost, are gone forever. Technology and globalization are rapidly changing the landscape of our economy, and I encourage the unemployed to go where the jobs are. Which begs the question...where are the jobs?

Read the article in-full here to find out where all the jobs have gone and are going.

Are you adapting to the ever-changing economy and shifting your job search/skill set accordingly?

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