Friday, June 26, 2009

Is your personal brand desirable or detestable?

According to Jay Conrad Levinson and David E. Perry, co-authors of Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters, "The New VALUE Table™ represents the base elements of your personal brand." These are the tenets, as they relate to the Employer's Value Requirement and Your Quality That Counts:

Employer Value Requirement: Create new intellectual wealth for my company; add to my intellectual assets
Your Quality: A consuming desire to make something new; to cut a new path rather than take a road

Employer Value Requirement: High-energy enthusiasm for the job, regardless of the hours worked
Your Quality: Work is a game - an integral, vibrant part of his or her life

Employer Value Requirement: Not only is money not the most important issue - it's beside the point
Your Quality: Internal pride to leave a "legacy signature" on their work, rather than strive for a paycheck

Employer Value Requirement: Enduring performance
Your Quality: An ability to stay and finish the race, because not finishing is inconceivable emotionally

Employer Value Requirement: "Think around corners" to solve problems creatively
Your Quality: Having an inner voice saying, "There's always a way."

Employer Value Requirement: Bring up-to-date professionalism into every fray
Your Quality: Contain a desire to grow professionally - to become the best person he or she can be; invest in themselves

Employer Value Requirement: Ever-increasing contribution
Your Quality: The key to inner pleasure is recognized as making an individual contribution

Employer Value Requirement: Identify and develop values for your company
Your Quality: Instinctive grasp and exploitation of today's real value; the intangible capital of brand image, staff talent, and customer relationships

Employer Value Requirement: Challenge the status quo
Your Quality: Willingness and courage to speak the truth when you see a conflict

Enjoy :) Happy Friday!

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