Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Top Story on Yahoo! (SEP 22, 2009)

LONDON (Reuters) – In a pinstripe suit, silk tie and polished shoes, David Rowe has all the trappings of a successful London city worker, except for one stark difference -- he is wearing a sandwich board that says "JOB WANTED."

As he walked down Fleet Street, home to legal firms and investment banks, the 24-year-old history graduate showed the human face behind the "lay-offs" and "recession" headlines.

"The first 20 paces are the hardest, you feel very conspicuous, but you just steel yourself to get on with it," he said, starting a slow trudge toward the Law Courts before turning toward St Paul's Cathedral.

Image and Story Courtesy of Reuters


  1. This is really a cute ad or marketing oneself. 1 month of no pay then you can hire or fire him. Nice try!

  2. Oh! David stands as an example to many..he is advertising himself. Totally a different idea and feel this new kind of marketing tactic..but really nice idea. Hope this same will be followed by many more like David..thanks for sharing this with me!

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