Friday, June 12, 2009

Your resume is a failure if you don't do this...

I'm astounded by the fact that 100% of the resumes I receive (pre-revamp) contain long bulleted lists of job responsibilities, and maybe one bullet allotted to an achievement or result. Consider the following before-and-after bullet point examples:

Before: "Tasked with signing new business by reaching out for referrals, hosting info seminars, and cold calling"

After: "Signed a team-high $170,000 in new business in Q1 2009, which resulted in 5% year-over-year growth, despite a lagging economy and fierce competition"

EVERY BULLET should stress an achievement/result, with additional information to put things in context. Is your resume filled with achievements and results?


  1. what an amazing idea! that is so true, as an employer who is tasked with resume reading and interviewing, it is so important to see "achievement and results" and highlighted information that is relevant... not just high class "buzz " words or irrelevant details that just sound good... Great information here!

  2. Thanks for the comment! Indeed, buzz words and irrelevant details have lost their luster given the amount of resumes/CVs in circulation.

  3. Good advice. Being specific does not mean being lengthy. All in how the strenghts are presented. I also found some good info at http://resume-help.org/resume_writing_tips.htm