Monday, June 29, 2009

Bicep Curls vs. Cheese Curls

If you supplement your workout with poor eating habits, it is counterproductive. Why on earth would I spend 30 minutes in the gym working out my biceps and then go home and eat a 10oz bag of Cheese Curls? It just doesn't make sense.

The same goes for job hunting. If you supplement your agressive job hunt strategy with a boring black-and-white resume - and that's it - it is counterproductive. You've worked your a** off to set appointments with hiring managers this week - why in the world would you want to convey a sub-par representation of yourself as a first impression??

It's time to develop a first-rate pitch package for yourself. Google "sample press kit" (or some derivative thereof) and view the results. This should give you a good baseline to start from. Don't be afraid to be different. Take some professional photos of yourself (put up an ad for a "test for print" photographer on Craigslist; they're FREE). Write an interesting article about something in your industry, print it out, and include it. It doesn't matter if you are "published". You've got to think outside of the box here. Print a list of your 3 favorite business books, highlighting your 5 favorite quotes from each book. If you volunteer, create a "Volunteer Addendum" with pictures and a synopsis of your volunteer work. The possibilities for your pitch package are endless. Get creative, and start mass-producing your package NOW!

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