Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Resume + Bottle O' Bubbly = Success!

Have champagne and career documents replaced the famed champagne and chocolate-covered-strawberries? You decide...

Therese Tetzel, 52, sent her resume, cover letter and a bottle of champagne to the CEO of Quaker State in Dallas, along with a hand written note asking him to read her resume while sipping some bubbly. "Two days later, I got a call from the chief human resources officer asking me to come in and interview," she said. Tetzel was hired as a marketing manager for the company shortly after. While unconventional, "I didn't think it was a risk at all," Tetzel said, "I knew it would get me some type of a response and that's all I was looking for."

(Read the whole story from CNN.com here)

When was the last time you TOOK ACTION on a creative idea you had?


  1. Indeed, champagne and résumés go well together ;)

  2. She's lucky he wasn't a recovering alcoholic! Nonetheless, a gutsy move that paid off.