Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It smells like someone charted in here...

With the advent of VisualCV and JobFox, one was left to wonder, "What's next?" The folks at Zapoint have an answer to that question, and it's in the form of a LifeChart™ (sounds like something you'd expect your physician to whip out at a routine physical exam). In their own words, "It is a revolutionary technology that converts conventional resume information into an objective, easily comparable and graphical format." I'm assuming this format would work nicely with small, cutting-edge start-ups, who are typically "early adopters" of new technology. However, if you're applying for jobs in a larger, more beareaucratic system (Government, Fortune 500, etc.), this will probably be overkill. That's just my take on it. If you have some extra time on your hands, it can't hurt to set up another digital existence. Yet another relevant thing for employers to find when they Google you.

Visit Zapoint at http://www.zapoint.com.

Have you created a Zapoint LifeChart yet, to make your skills and achievements easily measurable for employers?

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