Monday, May 18, 2009

How can you play the game, if you don't know the rules?

Cynthia Shapiro has done the job hunting world a great service in writing the book What Does Somebody Have to Do to Get a Job Around Here?: 44 Insider Secrets That Will Get You Hired. I particularly enjoyed the pieces on salary negotiation and hidden agendas of hiring personnel. If you think you understand the hiring game...think again. You can tell she's been around and seen it all.

Here's a quick description:

"If you are looking for a job you need every advantage you can get. What Does Somebody Have to Do to Get a Job Around Here? puts a former Human Resources executive turned employee advocate in your corner. Cynthia Shapiro reveals the best-kept job secrets that employers don’t want you to know including:

*Secret #8: A computer is deciding your job prospects.
*Secret #12: Professional references are useless.
*Secret #18: There is a “type” that always gets the offer.
*Secret #21: The Thank-You note is too late.
*Secret #28: Always negotiate.
* …and thirty-nine more!

Once you know the secrets you can create a winning resume, ace the interview, and land the job of your dreams."

Have you picked up a copy of her book, internalized it, and applied her direction in your job search?

Pick up a copy here on Amazon.com

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