Thursday, May 7, 2009

Can $150 buy you employment? YES.

Jacob Share, 33, started an email chain by sending his resume and job search objective to his family and friends. He asked them to send it on to others and offered a monetary prize in the amount of $150 to the person who led him to a job as a Web Development Manager.

"The process went quickly after I sent my initial mailing to almost everyone I knew," he said. "It only took one friend's forward beyond that initial mailing to get a referral that lead to the ultimate job offer."

A perfect example of the power of networking within your "sphere of influence". Are you leveraging your network?

(Story from CNN Money)


  1. Congrats to Jacob!

    Thinking outside the box is key to landing a job nowadays, esp. in NYC. If the application pool has candidates of equal core competencies, one's personality will define someone's ability to standout from the rest.

    If you're in NYC, send a $5 Starbucks card with your application. It might just work.

  2. I heard a story about a guy who FedEx'd his resume with a small bag of rocks and note that read, "I welcome the opportunity to interview with you and 'throw rocks' at the competition."

    Outside-of-the-box wins hands down.

    Thanks for the great comment, ChowJobs!