Wednesday, April 29, 2009

People are actually getting hired in this economy??

"O.K., you just got laid off. Once you get over the shock, here's some good news: Millions of people were hired last month!"

CNNMoney.com / FORTUNE micro-site (click link)

Eternal optimism is contagious. Spread it instead of the swine flu :)


  1. An awesome new resource for finding jobs or hiring someone is a new online community, www.WiHire.com. WiHire is a free online community that helps people find and fill jobs by allowing users to broadcast their job information to their online networks. It is a known fact that most jobs are found and filled through personal networks, but still people continue to hunt for jobs on job boards that grow more impacted each day. WiHire helps users easily leverage existing networks like Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, MySpace, Gmail, and Blogger to help get a job or fill an open position. This service promotes community involvement to help users and their friends find the right job or hire the right employee.

    The founders said, "We wanted to do our part to help improve the economic situation so we are providing this pro-bono service to the public. WiHire is our gift to everyone that is struggling in these tough economic times."

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  2. Thanks for the link, Ryan. WiHire.com looks like an awesome resource. Yet another channel for job seekers to leverage in this tough economy.