Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A business lunch...

In corporate sales, it's often said, "Deals are won on the golf course." Why? The formal setting of a corporate boardroom encourages people to fall into roles. "You're the pushy salesperson, I'm the hesitant customer." However, on the golf course, people often shed those roles, making it markedly easier to build the relationship and win the sale. Indeed, "People buy from people they like."

So, I encourage you to shift your paradigm in your job search. Instead of playing the role of "job seeker", play the role of "value-add asset". Invite your Human Resources or Hiring Manager contact for an all-expense-paid business lunch. Tell them you want to share some innovative ideas with the company and learn more about the business. It can be expected that 9 out of 10 times you'll hear, "No." However, the one time you hear, "Yes", it will likely lead to gainful employment.

I suppose this is a twist on the old addage, "You have to spend money (take people to lunch), to make money (earn a paycheck)." This new economy is certainly changing things.

Have you invited anyone in Human Resources or a Hiring Manager out for a business lunch and brainstorming session?

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