Monday, March 23, 2009

PowerPoint Resume...

For all those visual people out there, here's a career "document" that will make you happy. I know I hate sifting through piles of black-and-white resumes, which all start to look the same after I've been reviewing the stack for 10 minutes. This is a refreshing take on a traditional process. The Microsoft PowerPoint presentation resume.

Before embarking on this path, I STRONGLY recommend you learn a thing or two about the fundamentals of a good presentation. Just like the video resume, if done improperly, this format could hurt you more than it could help you. Here are two of the best books on the market for learning the fundamentals of a good presentation: 1) Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds, and 2) Slideology by Nancy Duarte.

Have you created and prospected with a Microsoft PowerPoint resume yet?


  1. Hallo.

    Another fine self-marketing tool is to create/have created a networking-linked microsite.

    A microsite is a one-page web site which lists your bio, skills, goal, some networking links (like resume, LinkedIn, Twitter, affiliations, etc.) Then it is accessible to anyone, and something to add to your business card.

    - L.J. Bothell | www.studiobast.com

  2. Also, don't forget to post your PowerPoint resume to SlideShare.net!